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TT3201 CAN Cape

Multi channel CAN Bus Cape for the BeagleBone Black

The TT3201 CAN Cape gives your BeagleBone 3 CAN Bus channels,
using both the
AM335x CAN controller and two Microchip's MCP2515.

The user's manual is available here.

Notice The TT3201 is compatible with the BeagleBone Black, please read below for the details.


  • 3 CAN bus channels (1xAM335x, 2xMCP2515)
  • User-selectable bus termination for each channel
  • Cape configuration eeprom
  • Strong spring-cage connector
  • SocketCAN compatible

BeagleBone Black Compatibility

The TT3201 is compatible with the BeagleBone Black.
However, HDMI audio will be disabled due to hardware resource conflicts. Video will work fine.


SocketCAN is fully supported and can be used with the can-utils or by your own code.

The TT3201 will be readily available after the boot. All the necessary instructions and drivers will be given to you after the purchase.


This product can be customized when purchased in quantity. We can build it with different CAN transceivers, number of channels and slew rate controlling resistors. If interested, please send us an email.

Applications and Industries

  • CAN Bus development
  • ISO 11898
  • NMEA2000
  • SAE J1939
  • ARINC 825
  • CANOpen
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Energy management