Our Technologies

A few notes on the technologies we employ in our product and services...


The iPhone is an internet enabled smartphone introduced by Apple in 2007. Since then, the iPhone has been released in over eighty countries and in each one has been a real breakthrough. Being always connected made it an easy choice for professionals and companies. Leveraging our expertise in the mobile market, we now develop applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.


The iButton® is an electronic device enclosed in a 16mm stainless steel can. This particular package allows the iButton to be attached to a person or an object and to travel anywhere they go. It can be attached to wearable items, like a key fob, a metal card or a badge, or can be mounted to any object with a plastic plate and a couple of screws. [more]


Linux is an operating system created by Linus Torvalds while he was enrolled at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Used in many different environments, Linux is often considered an excellent, low-cost alternative to other operating systems. [more]

iButton, iPhone and iOS are registered trademarks. See our trademarks page for details.