Un Palm che trasforma il deserto in oasi


Tower Technologies, a privately held company founded in 2001 to develop custom solutions for the mobile business, is deeply specialized in the interaction between handhelds and other electronic devices. The product line ranges from customized hardware and software to syncronization servers and web services.

We are a registered Palm solutions provider, a Dallas OEM partner and Apple MFI licensee.

Corporate Mission

Nowadays connectivity is one of the highest concerns in the industry and information, the most valuable asset of this century, needs to be carried back and forth between places using different devices, protocols and media, paper included.

Whenever you need to carry information, to improve your paper-based work, to interact with your custom hardware, we have the right solution for you.

Panorama di Torino

Lavora con noi

From time to time we are searching for highly motivated professionals in the areas of Engineering, Business, Marketing and Information Technology. If you're an exceptional, creative and energetic individual you can join our team. [more]