WARNING: This product is obsolete, the following information is for reference purposes only.
TT2302 concept design

TT2302 "iReader m10x"

for the Palm m100/m105 handhelds


The TT2302 "iReader" is an iButton/1-Wire interface for the Palm m100 and m105 handhelds.


  • Front probe
  • RJ-11 connector
  • Unique 1-Wire address
  • Embedded iButton holder
  • Software-compatible with the DS9097U
  • Compatible with the Palm m100 and m105
  • 27 kV ESD protection (IEC 801-2) on the 1-Wire bus


  • Time and attendance
  • Automatic part information & warranty tracking
  • Temperature monitoring (HACCP)
  • Mobile access control
  • Route tracking
  • Electronic signature
  • eCash
  • Electronic fleet management
  • Quality control
  • Asset tracking

For a detailed list, you may want to see the Dallas/Maxim iButton applications page.


  • None available at this time.