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Palm OS® is the leading operating system for the handheld market, covering more than the 80% of sold devices. Gartner Group found that the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of Palm Powered devices is 75% lower than laptop computers. Aberdeen Group observed that most handheld-based enterprise solutions pay for themselves within six months.

Palm OS is available on a wide range of devices from more than 10 different manufactures, like Sony, palmOne, Symbol, Garmin, Fossil and Samsung. Having the same OS across all those different devices reduces support and maintenance costs and rises the lifetime of any software application.

When developing a new software, it's important to find the right device to meet the user's need, without requiring a complex or costly technology infrastructure. With Palm Powered devices available from so many different manufacturers, Palm OS is the only platform which fulfills this requirement.

Within the Palm Powered handhelds, you can find devices to meed the requirements of every possible user, from handheld with multimedia capabilities, to multi-function smart phones, to ruggedized handhelds with wireless connection and embedded barcode scanner. And since all these devices shares the same operating system, Palm OS, a single development environment is enough to handle all of them.

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