mediarunner chip

Hardware design

Our engineering team has experience in hardware design using a wide range of processors and programmable devices.


With so many different processors and microcontrollers on the market, each with different and unique capabilities, it's hard to choice the right one. We have experience in the development of designs with ARM processors, Atmel AVR and Microchip PIC microcontrollers.

Programmable Logic Devices

If it's hard to choice a processor, it's even harder to choice the right PLD. We are proficient in the design with CPLD, PAL/GAL and FPGA using VHDL and other hardware description languages.

MZIO module


Information is useless if it cannot be exchanged with the external world. When required, we can integrate RS232, USB, FireWire, BlueTooth and Wi-Fi technologies in our designs.

MZIO Modules

Our platform of choice for handheld interfacing is the MZIO expansion slot. We have developed the required skills to help you design and build your custom module.