An integrated IVR for Asterisk

AstrIVR is our integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution for the open source Asterisk PBX.
It's easily configurable with an unlimited number of menus and voice prompts.


  • Easily configurable with an XML like file
  • Uses AGI interface for quick Asterisk integration
  • Tree based menu structure
  • Can jump into any dialplan context/extension/priority
  • Each menu can have its own message
  • Can directly call any Asterisk application
  • Extensive logging capabilities

Asterisk Configuration Example

(Asterisk 1.6)
exten => 123,1,AGI(agi://,example.xml)

(Asterisk 1.4)
exten => 123,1,AGI(agi://

XML Configuration Example

<menus timeout="30000"> <!-- 30 secs -->

<menu name="main" play="main-menu" >
        <digit value="1" target="menu-1" />
        <digit value="2" target="menu-2" />

<menu name="menu-1" play="press-pound-to-login-star-to-hangup">
        <digit value="#" target="menu-2" />
        <digit value="*" target="end" />
        <digit value="9" target="main" />

<menu name="menu-2" play="choice-your-rep">
        <digit value="1"  goto="default,201,1" />
        <digit value="2"  goto="default,202,1" />
        <digit value="9" target="main" />

<menu name="end" play="thank-you-for-calling" hangup="1"/>